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Combining 27 years of medtech, clinical experience and unbiased insights to solve all your business issues today.

Products can always be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Increase Revenue

Leverage insiders who understand your customers and accelerate your growth.

Customer Preference Evaluation

Clinical Field Teams
People 100 Customers / 10 Facilities
Format On-site Data Gathering
Timeline 12 – 20 weeks
  • Performance and Satisfaction
  • Measurement and Recommendations
  • Competitive Insights

Pop Up Teams

Clinical Field Teams
People 5 – 55 Contract Field Team Members
Format Dedicated, Assigned Territories
Timeline 1 – 5+ years
  • Insights to Grow and Protect Accounts
  • Revenue Growth Blueprints
  • Product Adoption Considerations

Gain Traction

Get the data you need to support decision-making & realize results.

Funding Research

Market Research
People 30 Surgeons
Format In-depth Clinical Interviews
Timeline 12 – 16 weeks
  • Product Usage Drivers
  • Market Share Potential
  • Clinical and Economic Data Impact

Focus Group

Market Research
People 10 Screened Participants (per group)
Format In-person/video Focus Group
Timeline 4 – 8 weeks
  • Product & Competitor Perceptions
  • Recommendations on Learning Curve, Areas of Improvement

360° Sales Insight

Market Research
People 50 Field Reps, 50 Customers
Format Online/In-depth Interviews
Timeline 12 – 16 weeks
  • Clear Picture of Sales Impact
  • Data Triangulation

Market Share

Market Research
People 30 Customers
Format Online/In-depth Interviews
Timeline 12 – 16 weeks
  • Market Share & Competitive Summary
  • Market Outlook
  • Opportunties for Growth

Quarterly Pulse

Market Research
People 100 Customers/Patients
Format Online Surveys/Outbound Calls
Timeline 4 – 8 weeks
  • Data Insights
  • Relevent Trends
  • Recommended Actions

Improve Outcomes

Dive into the connection between you, your products, customers & their patients to hit your goals.

Patient Recruitment

People 3-10 Healthcare Specialists
Format Omnichannel
Timeline As Needed
  • Access Eligible Patients
  • Clinically Pre-screened
  • Accelerate Clinical Study Enrollment

Customer & Patient Outreach

Clinical Call Center
People 3-55 Healthcare Specialists
Format In/Outbound Phone Support
Timeline 1 – 10 years
  • Voice of Customer/Patient
  • Patient Report Outcomes & Perspectives

Patient Journey

Market Research
People 20 Patients
Format In-depth Interviews
Timeline 12 – 16 weeks
  • Journey Maps
  • Patient Personas

“We got great data and recommendations. Nothing was lost in translation with Magellan’s clinical in-depth interviewers working side by side with their market analysts.”

– Director, Product Development, Ethicon