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Navigate the clinical ecosystem with confidence.
Raise your sales: Launch new products, drive adoption and improve utilization with a view from the inside out.

Grow faster with insider experience

An insider perspective

On the job before sunrise and working well beyond dusk, that’s the life of your customer. They are clinically exceptional, committed and focused. We’ve been there.

We are reshaping the experience of medical technology solutions for our clients, their customers and patients.

We listen to, and understand the clinical ecosystem, where the intersection of success begins. Ultimately, we get what it takes to authentically connect with your customer. We elevate your results by amplifying insights.

What we do

hallway with medical equipment and medical staff

Clinical Field Teams

Move More Than The Needle:
Access the most driven clinical field teams who are naturally empathetic to your customer and professionally trained to align with your goals.

  • Increased customer engagement
  • Improved product adoption
  • Expert peer-to-peer guidance
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Market Research

Uncover Hidden Truths:
Utilize directional market research to provide clarity and unbiased insights to clearly identify pitfalls and elevate opportunties.

  • Deeper insights
  • Impactful marketing messages
  • Faster sales growth
Man on headset with smile on his face

Clinical Call Centers

Build Real Connections:
Acquire valuable qualitative customer perspectives with a clinical call center designed to elicit actionable intelligence and expand influence.

  • Accurate voice-of-the-customer
  • Valuable lead generation
  • Enhanced customer relationships

Where we work


We’ve guided surgeons at 7 AM with cutting edge procedures and walked the halls of hospitals and medical conferences. Magellan provides Fortune 500 companies to clinicians with the most up-to-date information to achieve exceptional patient outcomes.


From Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC) to the single physician office, Magellan’s unmatched expertise and rapport with administration, providers and patients results in a unique perspective designed to deliver relevant results.

Home Care

With home care growing as patients’ first choice to recover, rehab or hospice, we know the opportunities and challenges with products, clinical expertise and caregiver support in the home. Our aptitude provides insight throughout the patient journey.

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