Our passion is perspective.

We’re an organization focused on reshaping the experience of medical technology solutions.

The best way to know your audience is to be your audience and we know healthcare from the inside out. Our team members are physicians, researchers, nurses, therapists and analysts.

From Fortune 500 companies to start ups, medtech companies around the globe use Magellan to gain powerful insights to grow adoption, increase revenue, build out their clinical field teams and elevate their impact.

Engaging the clinical
ecosystem to drive results

Navigate the clinical system with confidence to drive real, sustainable growth. At Magellan we guide med tech companies through the lens of their customer to success. Everything we do begins with an insider perspective – inside the hospitals, clinics or home health care – we’ve been there. Our clinical specialists, analysts and call center teams bring their experience in the field to their jobs to unearth the real driving forces behind your customers’ needs and actions.

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