Market Research

Magellan brings you unparalleled expertise to expand your customer reach and make data-driven decisions.

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About Us

We deliver the research expertise to maintain a finger on the pulse daily, monthly and yearly of your customers, their patients, and your field teams by gathering relevant data, analyzing the results and providing recommendations to impact real-world performance and revenue.

Our Methods

With our Clinical Empathetic Interview Method, we connect with your clinicians, their patients, your field teams and key decision-makers by taking the entire clinical ecosystem into account. This results in deeper insights, more meaningful marketing messages, and faster sales growth.
lady with her market research team

Our extensive market knowledge has impacted:

As a completely custom, full-service, market research consultant, we work with you to establish your information needs, understand your budget and your timing, and then develop the best plan to support your goals.

  • In-depth personal interviews
  • Inbound Outbound call center
  • Small group interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Product Awareness Trial and Use
  • Product Concept Evaluation
  • Pricing Sensitivity
  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Attitudinal & Behavioral Studies
  • Lost Customer Analysis
  • Brand Switching & Positioning
  • Communications Testing and Recommendations
  • Customers – Surgeons, MDs, NPs, RNs, Value Analysis, Purchasing,
  • Patients
  • Sales Teams