Field Teams

Accelerate Growth

Driven. Empathetic. Aligned.

Our clinical field teams and resources see through your customers’ eyes — the physicians, the clinicians, the decision-makers, and their patients – elevating your impact.

Sales Team 
Customer Support
New Product Launch Support
Peer-to-peer Training
Field Skills Training
Elevate sales, improve product adoption and utilization.

Accelerate your growth with a qualified & flexible field team that delivers results by leveraging our insider perspective.

Cultivated professionals

  • Experienced clinicians
  • Professionally trained
  • Personally motivated
  • Sales driven
  • Growth oriented
  • Time conscious
  • Technically astute

Flexible solutions

  • Short & long-term engagements
  • Individual and team resources
  • Supplement team or department build out
  • Promoters, trainers or observers
  • Sales growth and information gathering focus
Avoid lost reveneue by filling territory gaps
Enhance responsiveness with qualified support
Speed up growth with flexible support teams
Increase sales without increasing headcount
Fill experience gaps with training from expert clinicians

“Our Magellan teams doubled sales and tripled procedures.”

– VP of Sales, Olympus