Clinical Field Teams

Across the US, our teams avoid lost sales opportunities by launching new products, driving adoption, and improving utilization.

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Consultant talking with a doctor.

About Us

Our clinical field teams are exceptional. We see through your customers’ eyes — the physicians, the clinicians, the decision-makers, and their patients – because we’ve been there.

Our strengths and disciplines have helped:

  • Drive product adoption
  • Grow sales
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Offer peer-to-peer technical guidance
  • Improve field skills
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Clinical Field Team Impact

As a completely custom, full-service, clinical field team provider, we consult with you to establish your key objectives, understand your budget and your timing, and then develop the best plan to support your goals.

We specialize in building customized clinical field teams who are:
We work throughout the entire healthcare continuum:
We’ve guided surgeons at 7 AM in cutting edge surgeries at Loma Linda, presented our sales insight and research data in boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies, walked the halls of hospitals and medical conferences to gather market insight and provide clinicians with the most up to date information to help them attain great patient outcomes.

From the big multi-clinic chains to the smallest one physician clinic, Magellan’s unmatched industry and clinical expertise and rapport with administration, providers and patients results in a unique perspective to the work we complete.

On the job before sunrise, working well beyond dusk, that’s the life of your customer. We reach them where they work, because we understand their work flow, their stress and their primary focus on their patients. They are clinically exceptional, committed and focused, just like our Clinical Field Teams.
With home care growing as patients’ first choice to recover, rehab or hospice, we know the opportunities and challenges with products, clinical expertise and caregiver support in the home. Magellan’s extensive market knowledge provides support at any step of the patient journey.