Magellan is proud to provide each and every client with customized solutions to solve their unique medical technology and healthcare challenges.

Here’s what a few of our valued clients – our partners in success – have to say about working with Magellan’s multiple-disciplinary teams of experts.

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VP of Marketing and Sales - Olympus

"There are several reasons why we partnered with Magellan: 1.) we did not want to create our own program: 2.) we wanted to trial the program in open sales territories, as well as territories where we felt we had solid opportunity: 3.) Magellan has experience; 4.) we needed to fill the gap of experience quickly; 5.) sales turnover had resulted in open territories; 6.) Magellan provided service differentiation: value-added relationships and clinical impact.

We developed a program with Magellan to target key accounts in six cities. In a 6-month period, Magellan was present in over 5,000 procedures. Sales in Magellan cities doubled over the non-Magellan cities. Procedures tripled in Magellan cities compared to non-Magellan cities. This is clearly a sales program, not a marketing or professional education program."

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Product Director – Ethicon, Inc.

"I found working with Magellan very pleasant. Their professionalism, follow up, and caliber of people placed in front of our management team were very highly respected. The project management team was always willing to hear any feedback. Magellan’s management team came to meetings with ideas and concerns, always for improvement of the project.

I would highly recommend working with Magellan again."

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Medical Products Associate – McKinsey & Company

"The quality of Magellan’s work product is excellent every time we work with them. They have been extremely responsive and creative in meeting our timelines and objectives. Their knowledge of the medical industry has complemented our internal capabilities extremely well. We will continue to use them on a going-forward basis."

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Sr. Director – Research & Development and Clinical Affairs - Davol

"I was impressed with the dedication of the Magellan team in the development of a publication review and abstracting of the data we use for product development. The design of the database for current and future queries was really done well, plus the project was completed early and on budget."

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Project Manager – Market Access - Magellan

"My favorite aspect of working with Magellan is that everything is truly about the patients. We consistently discuss how the work we do affects patients. Not only that, we remind ourselves that our friends, family, and loved ones have been or could be a potential patient. This proves the core of Magellan’s drive to succeed is truly about patient care because patients are not unseen, patients are you and I."

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Task Force Member – WOCN Society

"We have never worked with a technical writer that really made it easier for us. We had a great experience not only in the work completed in the creation and submission of the manuscript but the overall strategic and tactical management of the Consensus Conference."

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President - Applied Digital Solutions

"Over the years, I have brought several early-stage, complex projects to Magellan involving regulatory, quality, clinical research, reimbursement and marketing strategies and initiatives. I don’t know how they do it, but they continually assemble the right employee team with the right experience to complete our projects. They are great!"

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VP of Sales – Zimmer, Inc.

"Magellan’s program and the results it delivered were really powerful. The program created a steep revenue ramp. Our leadership team was broadly focused. We knew that everyone wins when the pie gets bigger. I chose Magellan because of their proven processes and strong reputation. With 53 Magellan employees, the program assisted us in exceeding our revenue goals."

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Product Manager of Clinical Research Organization - Magellan

"I was an independent contractor before joining Magellan as an employee. I enjoyed being self-employed, but I was also bogged down with a lot of work needed to run a business that I did not enjoy and I certainly wasn't good at - accounting, sales, marketing, taxes, legal contracts. It was a lot to manage. I joined Magellan a few years ago and love it. Not only am I able to work on my areas of expertise 100% of the time, but I also get to work side by side with other employees who are working on similar projects. It has been a great place to grow and to be a part of something meaningful."

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Marketing Controller – Medtronic, Inc.

"Once our marketing team defined our goals, Magellan created the program. We had continuous input and editorial review to assure the project met our timelines, budget, and expectations."

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Chief Commercial Officer/VP of Sales and Marketing - Davol

"Magellan completed a market research project for us in the thoracic surgery space. The stakes of the project were pretty high in that a venture capitalist was requiring the work be done before final funding was made. Magellan put together a very concise research project with excellent methodology and a very tight timeline. Magellan actually exceeded the timeline and their projection for the expense of the project was right on – no over-budget work on the entire project.

I found the staff very responsive. They communicated with me according to my expectations so the project was extremely efficient. I also had a concurrent consulting project going on another subject matter with a very well-known consulting firm and Magellan far our performed them on delivery time of the project and staying on budget. Lastly, the final presentation to my BOD was provided to me by Magellan in a very professional format. My board was very impressed. Magellan promised that to me prior to the project, and it was a key deliverable for me.

I will most certainly use them again without hesitation."

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Product Manager of National Sales Teams - Magellan

"We have a really unique relationship with our clients. We are partners, not vendors and we work side by side with them, collaborating on how to improve their business. We can only be a partner with them if we earn their trust and respect. We do that by owning their problems and being accountable. And this is where every conversation starts and ends. I am really proud to be a part of these conversations and part of Magellan."

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VP Clinical Affairs - Stryker Medical

"You are making me look really good! We couldn’t have done this without Magellan."

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Director of Surgeon Education – Zimmer, Inc.

"We worked with Magellan for 2.5 years. Magellan continued to remain flexible to accommodate the rapid growth of the BAK spinal fusion cage. Magellan really understood and anticipated the nuances of launching our new, unique product. They were instrumental in Spine Tech’s success."

Our Integrated Business Units

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