Reimbursement Solutions

"I found working with Magellan very pleasant. Their professionalism, follow up, and caliber of people placed in front of our management team were very highly respected. The project management team was always willing to hear any feedback. Magellan’s management team came to meetings with ideas and concerns; always for improvement of the project. I would highly recommend working with Magellan again."

Product Director - Ethicon, Inc.

Connecting Knowledge to Needs - Helping You Perform Better


  • New Code Strategy
  • CMS Appeals
  • Revenue Cycle Management Support
  • Coding Assessments
  • Product Launch Planning
  • Market Analysis
  • Payer Research


  • Patient Call Centers
  • Claims Processing
  • Claims Call Center
  • Prior-authorization Support
  • FieldSOURCE National Field Teams
  • Medical Coding
  • Training

Consulting Differently

AOB, PAR, EOB, DWO, ICD, CPT, DME – Have one little letter missing and it’s an alphabet soup for medical reimbursement instead of a smoothly running payment processing system. You’ve got thousands of dollars of claims in suspension and no time to deal with them. That is where Magellan comes in, helping fill in all the missing pieces and doing what gets on your backburner list due to time. We can complete the entire revenue cycle or simply just call on AOBs. We do what works for you. We can just use an Excel spreadsheet or VPN into your system. We can even utilize our reimbursement call center to call your clinicians and patients seamlessly think we are part of you. Which way we work depends upon what works for you. Ultimately, it’s about maximizing your revenue, obtaining payment and effectively managing patients along the healthcare continuum, ensuring they get the valuable care and supplies they need in a timely manner.

Reimbursement Solutions Teams

Our Reimbursement Solutions teams are comprised of seasoned professionals who have previously worked as:

Reimbursement Directors, Insurance Managers, Clinical Managers, Billing Managers, Call Center Associates, Medical Coders, Nurses, Physicians, and Therapists to name a few.

Our Integrated Business Units

  • Marketing and Sales - Product Testing, Voice of the Customer/Patient/Payor, Pricing Sensitivity, Health Economics, Technical Writing, Consensus Summits, Creative Communication, read more
  • Clinical Research Organization - Study Design, Biostatistical Analysis, Phase I - IV, Post-market Studies, Registries, read more
  • FieldSOURCE National Field Teams - Clinical Specialists, Clinical Research Monitors, Sales Associates, Sales Support, Recall Specialists, On-site Specialists, Reimbursement Specialists, read more
  • Reimbursement Solutions - New Code, Appeals, Call Centers, Pre-authorization, Claims Processing, Denials, Improving Revenue Cycle, read more
  • Regulatory and Compliance - FDA and OUS Strategy, Assessment, Compliance, Post-market Support, Quality Systems, read more

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