Magellan’s Approach

The New World Explorers exemplified the true entrepreneurial profile and spirit; especially Ferdinand Magellan. This man had a grand vision and persuaded kings to invest. Magellan inspired men to leave their homes and families – to follow his vision – literally risking their lives. He surrounded himself with a team of navigational experts, they relied on his intuition, the stars, and a few simplistic navigational tools to chart their course. He sailed into the unknown, following his vision – starting alone then joined by many – and succeeded.

Ferdinand Magellan serves as our corporate inspiration every day. To see the problem, the questions others raise, and also the bigger business picture. To serve not only our clients but healthcare providers and most importantly patients by partnering with medical innovation throughout the globe.

Magellan is a company of experts and flowing strongly through our blood, settled deeply within our DNA, is the need to solve medical technology challenges.

Our MBA Clinical Approach: We approach things clinically with a business mind and we take ownership of our customers challenges.

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