Connecting Knowledge to Needs - Helping You Perform Better

"The quality of Magellan’s work product is excellent every time we work with them. They have been extremely
responsive and creative in meeting our timelines and objectives. Their knowledge of the medical industry has
complemented our internal capabilities extremely well. We will continue to use them on a going forward basis."

Medical Products Associate – McKinsey & Company

Magellan - Consulting Differently

We are a company of medical technology and healthcare experts. And, flowing strongly through our blood, settled deep within our DNA, is the need to solve medical technology and healthcare challenges.
Daily, we are impacting businesses, clinicians, but most importantly, patients.
Our work - Research. Development. Commercialization is important - but how we do it is more important.
Our powerful solutions are a result of our experienced employee teams who provide their relentless:
  • Expertise and Knowledge - Magellan brings uncommon expertise & knowledge to our clients needs - at every level of our organization.
  • Customization - Magellan customizes every aspect of our services to meet our clients unique needs.
  • Problem Solving - Our problem solving ability incorporates sound strategy to create immediate and long term value.
In the past 21 years, the teams at Magellan have created smarter, faster, more powerful solutions for fast growing and Fortune 500 companies such as Acelity, Medtronic, and Olympus - and we are proud of it!
We love results. Creating results. Executing results. Delivering results. Results that matter and impact technology, businesses, clinicians, and most importantly, patients.

Magellan Thinks Differently

Magellan’s difference is we know healthcare from the inside out because our all employee team members are physicians, researchers, nurses, engineers, biostatisticians, nutritionists, pharmacists, therapists, analysts, and billing specialists who are accessible, responsive, confident, enthusiastic while working side by side with our team members and clients.
Our passion is Patients. Our commitment is growth, opportunity, fun and being part of the community. It is our brand. Our DNA. It is our corporate soul.